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Re: [ezjail] jail and IP addresses clash

Hi Ferruccio,

Le mardi 7 à 19:07, Ferruccio Zamuner a écrit :
> On 01/07/14 17:33, Dirk Engling wrote:
>> It is only possible to start multiple jails with the same IP address,
>> if none of the jails has more than this single overlapping IP address
>> assigned to itself.
> I've parsed that sentence in this way:
> "Each one has only a single overlapping IP assigned to itself, while
> each can own more exclusive IPs."
> So now I suppose that my interpretation was wrong. :-/
> How can I achieve my purpose?  relayd?

Or using IPv6 for the internal network, as the restriction for
overlapping addresses is per address family. The public v4 address is
shared, the v6 addresses can be unique.

I have :

ifconfig_lo1_ipv6="inet6 -auto_linklocal"
ifconfig_lo1_alias0="inet6 fd93:c8e5:9cb3:666::1"
ifconfig_lo1_alias1="inet6 fd93:c8e5:9cb3:666::25"
ifconfig_lo1_alias2="inet6 fd93:c8e5:9cb3:666::53"

And for the first jail :

export jail_mail_fperrin_net_ip=",2001:41d0:2:2be3::25,fd93:c8e5:9cb3:666::25"

And the second jail :

export jail_ns_fperrin_net_ip=",2001:41d0:2:2be3::53,fd93:c8e5:9cb3:666::53"

The one restriction is of course that whatever you were planning to run over
your 127/8 network is able to run on IPv6.