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Re: [ezjail] Ezjail is dead? (archiving problem)

On 08/21, Dirk Engling wrote:
> > % pax -w -x cpio -f /tmp/etc.pax /etc
> > % file /tmp/etc.pax
> > /tmp/etc.pax: ASCII cpio archive (pre-SVR4 or odc)
> Thanks a lot!
> So I'm going to fix this in CVS, and bump ezjail in ports.
> Since there was very little feedback on the ZFS code, I'm gonna postpone
> that until later. Or is anyone besides Philipp using ZFS jails right now
> and wants to help out with man pages for it?

	It works now. Many thanks, Dirk! 

 Roman V. Isaev             http://www.soprano-recorder.ru             Moscow, Russia