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Re: [ezjail] Ezjail is dead? (archiving problem)

On 8/18/09 10:01 PM, Roman V. Isaev wrote:


> pack_command = "pax ..."
> unpack_command = "pax ..."

if you consult the source code, you'll see, that I chose pax for the
reason that it

a) is in base system and thus does not create additional dependencies
(as of now ezjail only depends on tools in the base system) and
b) it is the only tool allowing me to operate on the file names while
moving files into the archive. So I can substitute path parts that I
need to encode certain properties inside the filename.

> I just noticed a port called star, it claims to support 1024 characters in
> filename length: archivers/star:

The cpio format also supported by tar and pax can handle 1024
characters. Any one knows if that has been around in earlier versions of
FreeBSD, like 6.*? So I'd just use that, still giving the option to just
dearchive with tar.

For now I'll just put it into the CVS to get something working there.

Regards and thanks,