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Re: [ezjail] Ezjail is dead? (archiving problem)

	BTW, just an idea. What about moving tar command line into ezjail.conf
file? Something like that

pack_command = "pax ..."
unpack_command = "pax ..."

I just noticed a port called star, it claims to support 1024 characters in
filename length: archivers/star:

Star is the fastest known implementation of a tar archiver.

Main advantages over other tar implementations:
        fifo                    - Keeps the tape streaming.
        pattern matcher         - For a convenient user interface.
        sophisticated diff      - User tailorable interface for comparing tar
                                  archives against file trees.
        no namelen limitation   - Pathnames up to 1024 Bytes may be archived.
        deals with all 3 times  - Stores/restores all 3 times of a file.
        does not clobber files  - More recent copies on disk will not be
                                  clobbered from tape.
        automatic byte swap     - star automatically detects swapped archives.
        automatic format detect - Automatically detects archive formats:
                                  old tar, gnu tar, ansi tar, star.
        fully ansi compatible   - star is fully ANSI/Posix 1003.1 compatible.

WWW: http://cdrecord.berlios.de/old/private/star.html

It may end up unmaintained because it did not update for a long time, but anyway, 
there are a lot of ports in archivers subdirectory and at least some of them are
suitable for jail archival. 

 Roman V. Isaev             http://www.soprano-recorder.ru             Moscow, Russia