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Re: ezjail feature suggestion

[ cross replying to ezjail AT erdgeist DOT org ]

On Fri, 6 Dec 2013, Raif S. Berent wrote:

which just like poudriere, would create a zpool/dataset/jailname@clean
snapshot either at time of creation or manually by user. Ezjail would
then run "zfs rollback $snapshot" and restore the ezjail environment

There is something like this in the current, not yet packaged version of ezjail. The command is ezjail-admin snapshot.

It takes snapshots at user's will, you can put it in your crontab and it will even manage a retention policy for you, that you can configure like this:

ezjail_default_retention_policy="4x15m 3x1h 2x2h 4h 12h 6x1d 7x1w 11x4w 1000x1y"

and ezjail will throw away the old snapshots just like time machine on OSX does.