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Ezjail is dead? (archiving problem)

Just stumbled into a problem with archiving jails on my freebsd (7.2-release):

pax: File name too long for ustar

After some archive browsing I found the thread about the same problem dated 31
Jan. Today is 17 Aug and still no fix :( 

Is this project dead?!?!?

I tried to use -x cpio, but then I can't restore resulting archives. I tried to
use latest CVS version, but it calls pax with a very strange -x posix option and 
I can't find a pax that supports it.

Any ideas how to fix it? I can't erase these files with long names because these 
are parts of normal server life. Worse it's impossible to predict their occurence 
in the future. It breaks automatic archiving and leaves you without backups. I was
shocked to find that because it did not backup my jails for a long time. At 
least if nobody's going to fix it soon please, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! WRITE A WARNING 
ON EZJAIL SITE!!! If it's not maintained anymore, just warn people not to use this 
feature on production servers! There is nothing about it in the documentation.

Damn, linux guys have that openvz working ok for years...

 Roman V. Isaev             http://www.soprano-recorder.ru             Moscow, Russia