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Not getting it II

I finally understood the difference between ezjail-admin install and update.
I think it should be on top of the man file and I am still puzzled with the install options I mentionned but since it is not the right tool to do what I want to do I was able to move on. Still curious about it though (the file:// usage and limititation of the install option).

Since I do not want to have my template jails, flavours and such mixed up with the real live jails, I created a ezjail_templatejailsdir variable like such

#XM# location of template root directory where templates and base jails and such are stored

# Location of the tiny skeleton jail template

# Location of the huge base jail

The thing is the
/usr/local/bin/ezjail-admin update -p -i
command does not create the template jails in the specified directory but in a "fulljail" directory under the "ezjail_jaildir" directory and THEN move it.
The trouble is that some files are "chflags schg" and the move fails or more exactly leave a leftover in the source directory.
Would it not be nicer and maybe "cleaner" to generate the templates directly in the right places ?

Or am I doing something wrong or having a bad idea ?

Thanks a lot for your time and work.