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Re: [ezjail] Not getting it ... yet ? :) (ez jail setup)

> First thanks a lot for your work and this seeminlgy awesome tool.
> Seemingly because after much reading and checking on the web and reading
> the man page...
> after customizing the ezjail.conf file ....
> I get odd results ... and are probably ...
> Not getting it. ;(
> I have a freebsd-stable tree that I know to be "stable" for me.
> I want to build my jails from it.
> I specified my /usr/src directory in ez-jail.conf
> but the "ezjail-admin install" keep trying to fetch the sources from FTP
> ????? why ? (I know it is the sources since it fetches the .a compressed
> source files)
> I certainly do not want my jails to be build upon another stable source
> tree than the one I run my kernel On ....
> I have read in the man page that I can specify a file:// ... argument but
> I do not know where exactly in the conf file...
> Is it in the conf file in ezjail_ftphost ? (looks strange to me) or is it
> only for the -h command line option ?
> Do the file:// line needs to be "file:///usr/src" ? but that looks odd
> given than I already gave my source tree in "ezjail_sourcetree"...
> Basicaly I have a source tree and port tree in sync and I want my base
> jail to be build from that and thus the jails instances ...
> No network access should be necessary for that in my case right ?
> Last question,  I have cvup my ports and I read that you should not use
> cvup and portnsap at the same time to keep your port tree updated ....
> (but not why)... so what should I do.
> Am I wrong to assume that with a STABLE source tree one should have the
> "same day" STABLE port tree and keep to that ? and that portupgrade know
> how to keep up in sync even a STABLE port tree ?
> I am more than willing to explain my misunderstanding to help improve the
> help or docs or man pages.
> I have a good obenBSD background but I am back on freBSD mostly because of
> the Jails feature.
> I say to explain that I can understand most things, I know as an
> moderately skilled admin what the things are (alias, kernel, ports,
> building world, configuring pf etc etc) but I lack the freebsd background
> to know how things are done and the implied assumptions that come with it
> ...
> So that could make me a good guinea pig for the man pages and docs....
> Thanks a lot for you time.
> Have a nice day or night :)
> X.
> PJ : my the ez-jail.conf file
> # ezjail.conf - Example file, see ezjail.conf(5)
> #
> # Note: If you alter some of those variables AFTER creating your first
> # jail, you may have to adapt /etc/fstab.* and EZJAIL_PREFIX/etc/ezjail/*
> by
> # hand
> # Location of jail root directories
> #
> # Note: If you have spread your jails to multiple locations, use softlinks
> # to collect them in this directory
> ezjail_jaildir=/jails/
> # Location of the tiny skeleton jail template
> ezjail_jailtemplate=${ezjail_jaildir}/newjail
> # Location of the huge base jail
> ezjail_jailbase=${ezjail_jaildir}/basejail
> # Location of your copy of FreeBSD's source tree
> ezjail_sourcetree=/usr/src
> # In case you want to provide a copy of ports tree in base jail, set this
> to
> # a cvsroot near you
> # ezjail_portscvsroot=freebsdanoncvs AT anoncvs.FreeBSD DOT org:/home/ncvs
> ezjail_portscvsroot=freebsdanoncvs AT anoncvs.fr.FreeBSD DOT org:/home/ncvs
> # This is where the install sub command defaults to fetch its packages
> from
> # ezjail_ftphost=ftp.freebsd.org
> ezjail_ftphost=ftp://ftp.fr.freebsd.org/
> # This is the command that is being executed by the console subcommand
> ezjail_default_execute=/usr/bin/login -f root
> # This is the default location where ezjail archives its jails to
> #ezjail_archivedir=`pwd -P`
> ezjail_archivedir=/jails/archived
> # base jail will provide a soft link from /usr/bin/perl to
> /usr/local/bin/perl
> # to accomodate all scripts using '#!/usr/bin/perl'...
>  ezjail_uglyperlhack="YES"
> # Default options for newly created jails
> #
> # Note: Be VERY careful about disabling ezjail_mount_enable. Mounting
> # basejail via nullfs depends on this. You will have to find other
> # ways to provide your jail with essential system files
>  ezjail_mount_enable="YES"
>  ezjail_devfs_enable="YES"
>  ezjail_devfs_ruleset="devfsrules_jail"
>  ezjail_procfs_enable="YES"
>  ezjail_fdescfs_enable="YES"
> # Setting this to YES will start to manage the basejail and newjail in ZFS
> # ezjail_use_zfs="YES"
> # The name of the ZFS ezjail should create jails on, it will be mounted at
> the ezjail_jaildir
> # ezjail_jailzfs="tank/ezjail"
> # ADVANCED, be very careful!
> # ezjail_zfs_properties="-o compression=lzjb -o atime=off

I never used ezjail-admin install.
Use ezjail-admin update -i to use the /usr/src tree
Make sure you do a buildworld cycle first.
then use ezjail-admin create to create the real jails
look here for some more info

Johan Hendriks