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Re: mergemaster

Hello all. I still can not get mergemaster working on my FreeBSD 7.2 and
up systems.

also if i create new jails with ezjail on 7.1 it all works, if i do that
on the 7.2 and 8.0 Beta1 system i still get the mergemaster error.

install -o root -g wheel -m 444

*** Beginning comparison

*** Checking /usr/jails/jail1//etc/rc.d for stale files

*** No stale files found

*** There is no installed version of ./boot/device.hints

install: mkdir /usr/jails/jail1//boot: File exists install:
/usr/jails/jail1//boot: No such file or directory *** FATAL ERROR: Unable
to install ./boot/device.hints to /usr/jails/jail1//boot


I'm in the same position, 7.1 host upgraded to 7.2 using "freebsd-update upgrade", ezjail setup upgraded using "ezjail-admin update -u/install" and then left with 7.1 files within the jails /etc directories.

A quick and dirty way to make mergemaster work is adding a symbolic link like this:

	ln -s /usr/jails/basejail /

and then trying to run mergemaster, e.g.:

	mergemaster -iFU -D /var/jails/jail1


Panagiotis J. Christias    Network Management Center
p.christias AT noc.ntua DOT gr    National Technical Univ. of Athens, GREECE