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Re: [ezjail] Vimage Support

On 06.11.13 12:54, nikolay AT dachev DOT info wrote:

> I have a question, what do you mean with "OTOH I heard it still crashes
> the system
>> occasionally."? for me work more than 1.5 years without any issues.
>> Probably someone try to
> stop jail before remove jailded interface in this case is absolutely
> normal to receive kernel panic for example.

So we seem to have a different understanding of what behaviour is
acceptable in a production system. I would call a kernel panic anything
than normal. Must not happen. Under no circumstances must interacting
with a jail cause kernel panics. This is a serious bug.

> As i try to explain before at the moment after freebsd 9.x, rc.d/jail
> have native support for vimage and no additional patch are required

Maybe I misunderstand you, but currently (FreeBSD-9.2) rc.d/jail does
not understand vnet. The only support I can find is built into jail(8).