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Re: [ezjail] Vimage Support

On 03.11.13 02:53, John D Jones III wrote:

> Just curious when ezjail is going add support for vimage?

So far I did not hear about success stories of people using vimage in
production systems. OTOH I heard it still crashes the system
occasionally. Usually this is a good indicator it is not yet ready for
prime time.

In ezjail I usually try making the use cases easy that best fit what
most user expect from the respective feature. With vimages I find it
hard to identify best practices of how to make configuration of vimages
for a bunch of jails easy.

Last but not least: the development of the new jail frame work has not
yet settled and I would expect the rc.d/-scripts to finally show a path
how all the virtualization frameworks are supposed to work together.

IOW: ezjail is a neat wrapper around the rc.d/jail script and I do not
want to reinvent the wheel and implement stuff that is supposed to live
there, anyway.

But until then I have to somehow cope with the new jail.conf approach
and discussed with Jamie how to build a libjail that provides the
backend for jail(8) and a yet to be layouted jail-admin tool that allows
automated management of jails in jail.conf's scope.