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ezjail and mergemaster on Freebsd 7.2 and up

Hallo all

Hello all i use ezjail to setup jails.
I have this running on some machines that started form 7.0

i always use the following sequence to update between releases and to install errata and security updates.(this is from the jailhost

cd /usr/src
make cleanworld && make -j2 buildworld && make -j2 kernel
mergemaster -p
make installworld
mergemaster -iU
ezjail-admin update -i
mergemaster -iU -D /usr/jails/jail1
mergemaster -iU -D /usr/jails/jail2 
and so on.
this works from 7.0 to 7.1 with all security updates and so on

Now i upgrade 1 machine to 7.2 but on the mergemaster part i get the following.

install -o root -g wheel -m 444  /usr/src/etc/../sys/amd64/conf/GENERIC.hints  /var/tmp/temproot/boot/device.hints

*** Beginning comparison

   *** Checking /usr/jails/jail1//etc/rc.d for stale files

   *** No stale files found

  *** There is no installed version of ./boot/device.hints

install: mkdir /usr/jails/jail1//boot: File exists
install: /usr/jails/jail1//boot: No such file or directory
*** FATAL ERROR: Unable to install ./boot/device.hints to /usr/jails/jail1//boot
I also set up an new FreeBSD 8.0 system with ezjail and created a test jail, and i get the same result.
How do i mergemaster my jails now.
I think i missed something, but can not find it.

Johan Hendriks
Schavemaker Transport

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