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Re: [ezjail] Vimage Support

@John: I learned it hard way (see screenshot) that pf and vimage do
not go together in the same kernel.

Read these links to save your time:
1. http://forums.freebsd.org/showpost.php?p=180089&postcount=2
"For firewall, you should not use PF, as far as I can tell. IPFW is
reported to support vimage."

pf+vimage always gives kernel panic so far including in FreeBSD10 (as
my experience tells)

However I found zjail (http://sourceforge.net/projects/zjails/files/)
this morning which supports vnet. ;-)

On 11/4/13, John D Jones III <unixgeek1972 AT gmail DOT com> wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Nov 2013 09:11:47 +0100
> Zenny <garbytrash AT gmail DOT com> wrote:
>> FYI, the only limitation that I see is vimage does not go along with
>> pf, but well with ipfw. I have tried with FreeBSD8.x, FreeBSD9.x and
>> FreeBSD10-CURRENT, but none works as it is. Since FreeBSD10-RELEASE is
>> just some three weeks away, you may use VPS for FreeBSD, I guess. I
>> could not compile VPS for FreeBSD from svn either. ;-)
> I don't see why vimage wouldn't work with pf, I haven't read anything
> suggesting it, but... I also haven't tried yet :-P I'm using RELENG_10
> already I'm preparing my system for migration early. I've been using
> RELENG_8 for a while and had make world upgraded from 6. Really digging
> ezjail, makes life sooooooo easy. Keep rc.conf clean too :D If there's
> like a patch or alpha/beta version, I'd be willing to test it. But I
> was hoping there was some plans in the works to add support for vimage.
> --
> Thanks,
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