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Re: [ezjail] ezjail downloading souce for basejail

Shane wrote:

> Thanks Philipp - after your post I re-read the man pages and I see now
> that both "install" and "update" essentially do the same thing albeit
> from different sources (ftp vs local compilation).... poor choice of
> words?.

Well, thats ONE way to see it ;) The other way is that first there was
ezjail-admin update which allowed you to automate building and
installing your world to basejail. This really most of the time was
meant to update your world and only on the first occasion to install it.

The ezjail-admin install feature was added later on and was provided to
ease binary installation of the system, it may also be used to update
your OS later.

However, doing major changes in how the script behaves is inacceptable
to existing users, so I stick to this naming scheme.