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Re: [ezjail] ezjail downloading souce for basejail

Shane wrote:
> Hi folks...
> I've used ezjail on 4-5 systems over the last 5 years and for the first time
> encoutered a problem where ezjail-admin install was attempting to download
> the source for the basejail but was failing (I'll explain that in a sec).
> This is a Minimal install of FreeBSD 6.3 from CDROM with the full source and
> ports collection installed.
> Ezjail was installed from the local ports collection because pkg_add -r
> failed (for whatever reason.. I didnt persue it)
> "ezjail-admin install" failed on the FTP download for the basejail creation
>  because ftp.freebsd.org had moved 6.3-RELEASE to an archive because
> 6.4-RELEASE is out.
> To get around this I *thought* I could "make buildworld" and with the local
> source compiled I expected ezjail-admin install to create the basejail from
> the locally compiled files as it does with ezjail-admin update.
> Instead ezjail-admin went looking for the FTP download again (and failed).
> I got out of the sittuation by locating a mirror site that still had
> 6.3-RELEASE and provided that using the -h switch.
> My question is - why did ezjail-admin need to go to the FTP site if I'd just
> completed make buildworld?
> I started using ezjail with older versions that didnt do the ftp download on
> install so perhaps I'm just confused :p
> After installing from the ports and completing make buildword do I still
> need to do ezjail-admin install to create the initial basejail or can I just
> skip to ezjail-admin update?

ezjail-admin update -i should do the trick.