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ezjail archives lacking a file?


I'm using ezjail-admin archive to migrate existing jails over to a new machine but after rsync-ing all the .tar.gz to the new one, ezjail-admin restore always complains with

1078 [11:55] root@centre:/jails/ezjail_archives# ezjail-admin restore /jails/ezjail_archives/mail_keltia_net-201310111709.42.tar.gz
Error: Archive does not contain a valid ezjail properties file.
  Some jails properties are missing.

Did I miss a step somewhere?

The source jail is not running but I still get the warning:
1226 [11:56] root@centre:fs/zfs# ezjail-admin archive  mail.keltia.net
pax: Access/modification time set failed on: ./var/empty <Operation not permitted>
Warning: Archiving jail mail.keltia.net was not completely successful.\n  Please refer to the output above for problems the archiving tool encountered.\n  You may ignore reports concerning setting access and modification times.\n  You might want to check and remove /jails/ezjail_archives/mail_keltia_net-201310141156.48.tar.gz.
Warning: Archiving jail mail.keltia.net was not completely successful. For a running jail this is not unusual.

Any idea?

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