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Re: [ezjail] Ezjail basejail(s)

On 09.10.13 13:28, Nathan Tice wrote:

> First, I'd like to say thanks for ezjail.  I appreciate the features and
> support.

Always a pleasure to hear from people finding the tool useful.

> the config to change the basejail - or do another similar mount - so
> that I can separate (and potentially automatically version) system
> administration from the user data respectively?

Well, you can modify the /etc/fstab.<JAILNAME>-File to nullfs mount
another … copy or modified version of the basejail. But I can not think
of a convenient way to make handling and keeping updated multiple
basejails easy.

The basejail is a clearly defined part of the FreeBSD system that is
static sharable in the sense of the "Filesystem Hierarchy Standard"
http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.pdf while all the other files
serve as the template to create new jails. So I guess when you want
another version of the basejail you think about excluding stuff or
security reasons, like the compiler?

So, while it might be possible to add a command line option to override
the basejail configured in /ule/ezjail.conf for the ezjail-admin install
and ezjail-admin create sub commands, actually setting up the modified
basejail is so much work that I think it's just not worth in comparison
to automatize configuring to use this.