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Re: [ezjail] zfs datasets won't automount inside jail

Hi, again.

So now I have 2 jails: the first I've created can automount ZFS datasets thanks to the trick below (adding " & zfs mount -va" to *_exec_start). But, also they have an identical setup, the same trick won't work on my second jail...

Any idea?

On 20 avr. 2015, at 14:28, patpro AT patpro DOT net wrote:

> Hello,
> After about 15 years spent playing with FreeBSD, I'm trying Jails for the first time. I've chosen ezjail and i'm quite happy about it but I'm facing strange issues.
> For example, I'm not able to automount ZFS dataset inside the jail. I have to issue "zfs mount -a" from within the jail, and then it's all OK. In order to automount, I've edited the _exec_start command so that it sends the mount request when the jail starts:
> export jail_MYJAIL_exec_start="/bin/sh /etc/rc & zfs mount -va"
> And it works great, so far.
> Is there any better way/best practice to achieve this?
> thanks,
> Patrick