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Re: [ezjail] Migrating jails?

----- "Philipp Wuensche" <cryx-freebsd AT h3q DOT com> wrote:
> Viren R. Shah wrote:
> > 1. Set up new server base OS, install ezjail and create basejail (I
> still
> > use ezjail-admin update not ezjail-admin install for the basejail
> > creation)
> > 2. tar up each jail from old server
> > 3. untar on new server
> Thats how I do it.


> > 4. somehow let ezjail  on the new server know about new jails (??)
> You can use the -x option of ezjail-admin create for that.

Aah. I thought that might be it. Glad to know it's as simple as I hoped it would be (ezjail has already made life so much simpler). I assume that the only other thing I need to do is create the IP aliases in rc.conf?

> Just a hint: beware i386 vs. amd64 freebsd migration. If thats the
> case for you, you need to rebuild all your ports.

Luckily we are staying on the x86 platform so far.

> greetings,
> cryx

Viren R Shah
Sr. Technical Advisor
Raytheon VTC