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Re: [ezjail] Ezjail help (fwd)

On 3/22/07, Dirk Engling <erdgeist AT erdgeist DOT org> wrote:

So that I wont forget. If someone has an idea, please also respond to



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Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 17:56:29 -0400
From: Andy Duncan <andy AT lakesite DOT net>
To: 'Dirk Engling' <erdgeist AT erdgeist DOT org>
Subject: Ezjail help

Basically, I'm running the latest version of ezjails and am unable to use
portupgrade, even with the defaults set in /etc/make.conf and replicated in
pkgtools.conf.  My pkgdb doesn't work as expected, even though I've run
ezjail-admin update -p in the host OS, along with portsdb -u.  Here are some
of the problems I encounter:

Fetching the ports index ... fetch: /usr/ports/INDEX-6.bz2: open():
Read-only file system

*** Error code 1


If you did set the make.conf env vars to point to /var/ports, try this:

cp /usr/ports/INDEX* /var/ports/

and then try again the same commands.