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Updating jails freebsd-update and ezjail-admin

Hello all,

I've started to use Colin Percival's freebsd-update to do binary updates
and even release-to-release upgrades on some systems as described here:


It's brilliant!  However I'm not using it with jails yet though due to the
potential of hosing many systems at once ;-) Any thoughts on how to tie
the two tools together (freebsd-update and ezjail-admin)?

If my kernel and userland is updated using freebsd-update what is the
recommended way to update a basejail to the same kernel/userland as the
host system binaries? I have a feeling that I can use:

ezjail-admin update file://

but the manual page/wiki doesn't give full usuage examples of file://


ps: I'm also not totally sure I am clear on the difference between
ezjail-admin update versus ezjail-admin install :-)  Perhaps a
documentation bug that can be fixed on the list ? :-D

Graham Todd - Bellanet@IDRC