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Image and Crypto Jails are broken on FreeBSD 10

Due to changes to the /etc/rc.d /jail script in FreeBSD 10 ezjail image based 
jails no longer work because jail tries to mount ${jail_root}/proc before 
${jail_root} is mounted. The issue is that the new rc script system prefers 
per jail conf files, which for backwards compatibility it auto-generates if 
they don't exist. To mount the proc file system the auto-generated config file 
has an fstab line for mounting proc, but it's processed by the /usr/sbin/jail 
command before the /etc/fstab.${jail_name} file, so you get an error because 
the directory ${jail_root}/proc doesn't exist because ${Jail_root} hasn't been 

Long term ezjail should probably move towards generating the new style jail 
config files. For now it should do the following for image based jails on 
FreeBSD > 10.

1. Disable the procfs_enable flag
2. Add the procfs line to /etc/fstab.${jail_name}

I've filed bug 197237 against Jail for this issue.