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Re: [ezjail] still under development?

On 25/Oct 15:46, Sebastian J??schke wrote:
> ezjail is not the generic owner of jail.conf - so no solution to go this way. Again, ezjail is the victim, not the source of the problem. 
Neither resolvconf is owner of /etc/resolv.conf, it's resolver who 
reads that file while resolvconf overwrites that config file. Yes, 
this solution is far from ideal, but the world is not ideal too. If I 
went ezjail-way why should I care about jail.conf being overwritten?  
Especially if we have enough safeguards (like comments with notice 
at the top and may be CRC at bottom)?

If you want to go the hard way, jail.conf syntax seems to be simple
and it's possible to make small helper program C with Ragel -- Ragel is
great and incredibly easy to use tool compared to lexx & yacc...
 Roman V. Isaev         http://www.isaev.ru         Moscow, Russia

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