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Re: [ezjail] disk labeling

On Thursday 08 March 2007 13:41, Don Munyak wrote:
> Since I want to use jails, AND since the default location for all
> jails is /usr/jails, am I correct in my assumption for the following
> Disk Partitions:
>  /			256 M
>  /root   512 M
>  swap    2   GB
>  /var    12  GB
>  /tmp    1   GB
>  /usr    <the remainder>
>  /home   5   GB

Not claiming any authority here, but i would recommend:

  /			256 M
  /root   512 M
  swap    1   GB
  /var    1  GB
  /tmp    1   GB
  /usr    10
  /home   5   GB
 /usr/jails <the rest>

If your'e feeling very rich , double /home and /usr and maybe swap.
Swap > 1 GB is going to freeze the machine if its ever really fully used, so 
i'd say you can omit that. You can always add more swap partitions if 
needed. /var > 1, maybe 2 GB seems completely inane. 

Any way i think its a good idea to keep the jails partition seperate from the 
hosts /usr.

just my 2 cents,