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Re: [ezjail] still under development?

ezjail is not the generic owner of jail.conf - so no solution to go this way. Again, ezjail is the victim, not the source of the problem. 

> Am 25.10.2014 um 12:23 schrieb Roman V. Isaev <rm AT gunlab.com DOT ru>:
> On 24/Oct 16:41, Dirk Engling wrote:
>>> What is needed?  What can we do to help?
>> In order to properly work with the jail.conf mechanism, ezjail needs to be able to parse and modify the config format. Legacy is one file per jail, parsable by shell. New format is context sensitive, with admins in mind who write the config by vi. I've warned Jamie that this might become a problem for ezjail but he said that he can't postpone the work for a third party tool.
>        Do you really have to parse it? Can you place a comment in
> BE OVERWRITTEN" and call it quits? Don't read, always generate jail
> config from scratch, like resolvconf generates /etc/resolv.conf.
> Just add an option to force overwrite if config file does not
> have that warning (to prevent accidental erase of custom jail.conf).
>        The next week I'm moving my last mail cluster container to
> OpenVZ. Too many issues with FreeBSD in general (especially lack of 
> dirvers for HP servers) and yes, lack of development of ezjail too. 
> OpenVZ containers are much more convenient. I lived with FreeBSD for 
> more than 10 years (and with BSDi for many years before that), but 
> finally there is no way to go back. 
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