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Re: [ezjail] noob question: read-only mounted via nullfs is *really* readonly?

On Tuesday 06 March 2007 07:24, Matt Olander wrote:
> On Monday 05 March 2007 11:11 pm, Helge Rohde wrote:
> > fresh ezjail with a fresh 6.2 World. when i try to do use the ports
> > (as root from within the jail) i get nothing but complains about
> > various /usr/ports subdirs being readonly, e.g.
> > "/usr/ports/packages/: Read-only file system"
> >
> > Is this the way it is supposed to work? I thought the magic was that
> > from within the jail it all seems rw but any changes arent really
> > written to the nullfs mounted device?
> > Bottom line: I cant put the nullfs mounted ports to their intended
> > use.
> >
> > Might be lack of sleep on my part tho, but i feel outwitted, would be
> > grateful for any hints/ideas °_°
> Hi Helge,
> I can sympathize :D
> It's been awhile since I installed the ezjail port, although I've been
> using it constantly since. So, I assume you created the ports tree as
> directed and you have a /usr/jails/basejail with ports there?
> If I recall, everything pretty much just worked although I read the
> ezjail-admin man page quite a bit while I was figuring things out.
> I remember either during port install or at some other point being asked
> how I wanted to handle ports. I believe I just copied the host system
> ports tree over.
> By checking out the default flavor (ezjail-admin create -f default
> newjail.hostname.com x.x.x.x), I learned quite a bit, and it certainly
> was up and running faster than the jail I made by hand ;)
> Once you dial in flavors, it's just fantastic to have a fresh webserver
> with apache2/php5/mysql5, configured and ready to go in less than 20
> seconds!
> Good luck!
> -matt

Ahoy Matt,
Thanks for your heads up 8)

yes, i have a wonderfully ordinary /usr/jails/basejail 
(actually /usr/space/jails/basejail in my case) and to my laymans eyes 
everything looks just perfect. This is a fresh install on an almost fresh 
server but i used ezjail before on the predecessor of this machine and i 
never had any troubles like this.
And indeed i was planning to grok flavors asap, but even without them does 
ezjail make life a lot easier ^_^.
Well, if it works, that is ;p