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Re: [ezjail] still under development?

Am 24. Oktober 2014 15:08:24 MESZ, schrieb Warren Block <wblock AT wonkity DOT com>:

>What is needed?  What can we do to help?

In order to properly work with the jail.conf mechanism, ezjail needs to be able to parse and modify the config format. Legacy is one file per jail, parsable by shell. New format is context sensitive, with admins in mind who write the config by vi. I've warned Jamie that this might become a problem for ezjail but he said that he can't postpone the work for a third party tool.

The format is too complex to parse in sh. And when work on the new jail tool stopped, due to Jamie not having time anymore, I started looking into it in order to improve the parser to allow for modification. I found the parser overly complex, but still managed to understand and audit it. I found that it even was too complex for Jamie, since when trying to refactor, I found a bug that I reported by email and then by gnats 


I also implemented some features that would smoothen operations on jail severs I control, they were also ignored. I've heard rumors, that all this would be migrated in a yet-to-come libparse, but nothing moved there, either. 

Since there currently seems to be no plans to move on, no one seems to be responsible and my offers to help and my fixes were rejected, I wait in frustration.