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Re: [ezjail] wiki docs forum how-to

Don Munyak wrote:
> Hello list,
> Does anyone have additional documentation they would to share.

It might be interesting to see what people turn off in their jails (to
prevent needless log messages). I will take a look at some of my
rc.conf.local files and send them to the list :-) I notice the latest
ezjail does turn off mailing of logs and a few other things so my settings
may be a bit out of date.

Actually I would like it if there was an easy way that logs *could* be
mailed from jails or maybe by LMTP or something to an IMAP store where all
jail mail could be read.  I occasionally use nullmailer but I'm sure
there's a pf or ipfw trick that could be used instead ...

Graham Todd - Bellanet@IDRC