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ezjail upgrade after host upgrade ( 9.1 -> 10.0) userland problems


I'm having a problem with jails on a host that was just upgraded from 9.1 to 10.0.

Several other hosts worked fine but i'm having a problem with one, which i can;t seem to fix

    -   i religiously stay on release for production boxes and use freebsd-update alone to update hosts.
    -    uname on both host and jail is:         10.0-RELEASE-p9
    - after an update of hosts,  i usually use ezjail-admin update -u
if in the event of problems i may have been tempted to do a ezjail-admin install ( on the basis that that will create/update a proper basejail)

On the troublesome box i'm getting problems with userland binaries (only within the jails)

    portmaster will complain on updates with
        ===>  Staging for p5-Cache-2.06
            /usr/sbin/mtree: Undefined symbol "uid_from_user"

    or starting a csh

        # csh
        /bin/csh: Undefined symbol "__bsd_iconv_open"

So questions:
1)     on my host everything is fine, so how do i get the jails to also be fine
2) what is the definitive way to upgrade a host and associated jails

for the latter I know this question has been asked before but there's still conflicting info online on how to do this.

e.g the handbook [https://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/jails-ezjail.html]   for example says

Binary updates use freebsd-update(8). These updates have the same limitations as if freebsd-update(8) were being run directly. The most important one is that only -RELEASE versions of FreeBSD are available with this method. To update the basejail to the latest patched release of the version of FreeBSD on the host computer, use:
# ezjail-admin update -r
that switch doesn't appear to exist anymore

best regards

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