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Re: [ezjail] n00b questions

Don Munyak wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to jails, so please be patient. Thanks
> I have installed ezjail and setup three jails. In the host system, the
> rc.conf has entries for:
> {original file at the bottom}
> - ipconfig_em0_alias0, alias1, alias2
> - hostname
> - sshd_enable
> - ...etc
> I see in the /Jailroot/etc for each jail, copies (???) of the host
> /etc/"files"

Its not a copy, it is the jails own configuration files.

> For each jail, am I correct to presume that I need to modify each of
> the following for each jail.
> - hosts
> - rc.conf
> - ssh/sshd_config
> In terms of rc.conf, for jail-1 (
> { please review commeneted lines in below snip}
> - do I remove the other ifconfig statements?


> - do I change the hostname to jail1.bm.local

You don't need that if the jailname you configured via the hostsystem is
ok for you. It is set as hostname for the jail when the jail is started.

> Basically, do I change/modify the files in etc as they relate to a
> given jail's IP/hostname and/or remove entries that do not correspond
> to a given jail??

You can configure jails with the same configuration options as any
freebsd system. The only difference is that you can't configure routing
tables and interface configuration.

> One other thing. In order to install applications like php and mysql,
> I need to have(or should have) ssh working. Then just ssh into a given
> jail console to install packages/ports.  Is this correct as well ?

You can find out the jail id with the "jls" command and then use the
jexec command to open a shell or exec any command in the jail as root.

hope that helps for a start,