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Re: [ezjail] Long program launch time in Jails

> Yes, I agree it sounds like a lookup issue. Pls. bear with me as I am a simple "user" of FBSD, not a sysadmin or FBSD expert:
> In previous installations (FBSD 6.x- 8.x) I would manually create aliases to lo0. Now I followed the newest doc and I noticed that you should only clone lo0 to lo1 and assign IP directly with EzJail so no more aliases in the main system's rc.conf. Maybe I didn't understand the instructions correctly. 
> Context:
> Is a server I'm setting up at home. It's behind a Bell router as DMZ and using Dynamic DNS with freedns.afraid.org. 
> There is a "proxy" jail that binds to both it's own IP and to the server's main IP (which is also private) so it captures por 80 of both IPs.
> This proxy jail runs Apache24 with a bunch of virtual hosts which then proxy HTTP request to specific jails.
> I have used this set-up for many years and never had any issues, but I have never used a private IP for the main interface. Perhaps this could be the issue, I honestly wouldn't know how to debug for a reverse lookup issue.

you could simply put a line into your jail's /etc/hosts for your private IP as there's probably no DNS cache that resolves something like for you.