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Re: [ezjail] Long program launch time in Jails

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 10:25 AM, Philip Jocks <pjlists AT netzkommune DOT de> wrote:
I'd suspect some reverse lookup issue on the jail IP.

Am 08.09.2014 um 15:48 schrieb Mike Harding <mvharding AT gmail DOT com>:

> That sounds like a DNS issue... try seeing if DNS works properly in your jail.

Yes, I agree it sounds like a lookup issue. Pls. bear with me as I am a simple "user" of FBSD, not a sysadmin or FBSD expert:

In previous installations (FBSD 6.x- 8.x) I would manually create aliases to lo0. Now I followed the newest doc and I noticed that you should only clone lo0 to lo1 and assign IP directly with EzJail so no more aliases in the main system's rc.conf. Maybe I didn't understand the instructions correctly. 


Is a server I'm setting up at home. It's behind a Bell router as DMZ and using Dynamic DNS with freedns.afraid.org
There is a "proxy" jail that binds to both it's own IP and to the server's main IP (which is also private) so it captures por 80 of both IPs.
This proxy jail runs Apache24 with a bunch of virtual hosts which then proxy HTTP request to specific jails.
I have used this set-up for many years and never had any issues, but I have never used a private IP for the main interface. Perhaps this could be the issue, I honestly wouldn't know how to debug for a reverse lookup issue.

Many thanks for your responses,