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IPv6 SLAAC for jails

Hi altogether,

I want to run several jails with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.
The host system has a static IPv4 address and a few v4 aliases. In the case of IPv6 the host is configured to accept router advertisements, since the system resides behind a DSL router which in turn receives an IPv6 prefix from my DSL provider. Although the prefix usually doesn't change very often, it does change at least in case of DSL reconnects (e.g. due to DSL interruptions or a power blackout). The host system reconfigures its IPv6 networking properly as soon as a new prefix has been advertised by the DSL router. However, this SLAAC doesn't apply to the jails. Of course, I could write scripts that update the IPv6 addresses in each jail's config file. But that wouldn't have any effect on running jails.

So is there any chance to make jails perform this SLAAC, that is, reconfigure IPv6 network according to router advertisements? Or do jails definitely handle static IP addresses (v4 as well as v6) only? In the latter case I'm afraid I'll have to setup a NAT via pf on the host system (*ugh*) or stick with a tunnel provider like SixXS who offers static prefixes.

Best regards,