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Re: [ezjail] list command suggestion

On Sat, 9 Aug 2014, Dirk Engling wrote:

On 30.07.14 21:22, Warren Block wrote:
ezjail-admin's list command is different from jls.  The ezjail-admin
version shows all jails, running or not.

However, it's a fixed format, and not very useful for scripting.  A
simple -q option that would only list hostnames with no header would be
nice.  Even better would be something like jls's ability to use field
names: jls name ipv4.addr

Well, yes. I've noticed that now more an more tools want to script
ezjail, while I foolishly assumed, ezjail would always be on top of the
food chain.

I've started thinking of doing it the zfs way with -H. I reckon that -q
is intended for quiet operation, i.e. not expected to output anything.

Actually, I was just thinking a quiet output that would have only the jail names without the headers, to make stripping off the header unnecessary. But leaving out the header could be the default if specific fields are requested.