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Re: ezjail without /usr/src

On 29/01/07, mal content <artifact.one AT googlemail DOT com> wrote:

I wish to use ezjail to manage jails but due to various constraints of
space and time, I can't and don't keep /usr/src on the server complete
with object files (I certainly wouldn't even consider running 'make buildworld'
on a machine of that size - it could take days).

I missed the note in the version history.

"The default way to create the basejail will become the newly
introduced ezjail-admin install  subcommand. In its default
configuration the base system is fetched from an ftp-Server. Fetching
ports, source, man pages is possible with -p, -s and -m switch.
Implementing this feature finally brings the promised ease of use and
allows: cd /usr/ports/sysutils/ezjail; make install; ezjail-admin
install; ezjail-admin create test.com on a vanilla FreeBSD
server, i.e. without installing /usr/src."

Any chance of an option to get the initial world off a release CD? My
ideal situation
would be to get the minimum distribution off the CD, install security
patches with
freebsd-update and then distribute to the jail.