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Re: [ezjail] Best way to upgrade a ezjail system with freebsd-update

On 12.06.2014 14:15, Simeó Reig wrote:
> Many thanks for your help Sergey, some questions please:
> A 2014-06-12 07:12, Kozlov Sergey escrigué:
> Whay dou you mean for 'again and again' here ?
Again and again means this: When you upgrade from one STABLE branch to
another freebsd-update asks you to rebuild your ports after new
libraries installed, but before old ones are deleted so you can rebuild
your ports and link them to the new libraries. That's why you have to
run freebsd-update install again after the first time.

When upgrading the base system you have to issue freebsd-update install
3 times:
1. After new kernel is insalled (you need to reboot)
2. After new libraries installed, but the old ones are still in place
(you need to rebuild your ports, or reinstall packages)
3. To remove old libraries completely

Best Regards,
Kozlov Sergey.