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Re: [ezjail] ezjail-admin update -i -p (make installworld on 6.2-STABLE broken?)

Jan Knepper wrote:
> Upgraded to FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE and tried to run ezjail-admin update -i
> -p...
> make installworld seems to fail with something like:
> creating osreldate.h from newvers.sh
> touch: not found
> Any one else having this problem?

This is usually a problem with the dates on your files in /usr/src and
is usually solved by googling for "touch: not found" and make
installworld and is not a problem of ezjail.

Check the date of /usr/src/sys/conf/newvers.sh, if it is younger than
the world you have build, this error happens. Maybe other files are
younger too, did you do a cvsup after doing make buildworld?