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Re: [ezjail] binary upgrade procedure when basejail version is unknown

Ok. Is there a better way, how to determine OS version in basejail? If is -
"..It's worth to mention in ezjail-admin manual...:
If there's no any other method, this is better than nothing ;)

One more thing about basejail upgrade:
"env UNAME_r=9.2-RELEASE ezjail-admin update -s 9.1-RELEASE -U".

Do I understand correctly - this command fetches difference from source version to dest. version and installs it? Version have to be exact (like 8.4-RELEASE-p9) or just "8.4-RELEASE" in source and dest. variables is enough? And what about installation of complete new basejail version? If install the source in basejail too and run "mergemaster -FUi" in each jail?

Maybe this information is available somewhere? I can't find it..

My best regards and thank you!

On 06.06.14 17:00, k AT ktr DOT lv wrote:

Rainer Duffner: You can issue a „file“ on the files in the base jail eg file /usr/jails/basejail/usr/bin/vi will tell you which FreeBSD-version it is.

   It's worth to mention in ezjail-admin manual...

This only gives you a rough estimate because not all the files are
replaced on an upgrade.