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use ezjail to administrate different freebsd releases on the same host

Hi to all.

I am new to freebsd and I am looking around for a comfortable way to manage jails. I could do it without tools but it seems easier to do it with them.

I read the man-pages and online documentatin for ezjail but I did not find an answer to this question:

Can I manage different releases with ezjail?

I saw that I can create a different base system then the host is running, but everywhere it says "a basesystem". can I manage more than one basesystem e.g. to have a jail with 10.0, one with 9.2?

I would like to install 10 for the host and then 9.2 in a jail for zimbra, which does not work with 10, but then I want to create a couple more jails for release 10.

Thanks for help or pointers,