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binary upgrade procedure when basejail version is unknown

Excuse my English, please, not native.
Can someone show me the light in situation I faced.

FreeBSD 8.4-RELEASE-p12

The problem is:
I'm starting to maintain server and I do not know, how basejail is installed (from source or binary) and how often basejail is upgraded (I even do not now is it upgraded at all, so the basejail version is unknown) with the system upgrades. A can't contact previous server maintainer. "ls -al /usr/jails/basejail/bin/" is showing Aug 12 2010 as files creation time.
"ls -al /bin" is showing Mar 30.

$ ezjail-admin update -u
There are only some binaries upgraded.

Probably I can install new basejail using binary installation method. But what about configuration files in jails? There will be incompatibility.. So what would be right steps to correct this situation or what addition information I can submit?

Any help is highly appreciated!