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Re: [ezjail] Starting a "norun" jail

Lol. So sorry. I copied and pasted very poorly. Is it possible to set the jail not to start automatically, but use the ezjail script to start it when I want it.

Sorry for the confusion!

John Grasty

On 5 Jun 2014, at 11:00, Dirk Engling wrote:

On 05.06.14 16:55, John Grasty wrote:

I love ex-jail. Thank you for all the hard work. It is a wonderful tool. I do have a quick question, and I hope that I didn't miss it in the man
page. I have an ezjail that I would like to set to norun with ezjail
config -r norun jailname, because I don't want it to start automatically
at boot.

How does one go about starting it then?  ezjail-admin start jail name
returns an error of:

"Error: Could start jailname. You need to stop it by hand."

It's hard to believe that you saw this very error message, because the
line emitting it is:

[ ${ezjail\_success\_check} "${ezjail\_id}" ] || exerr "Error: Could not
${ezjail\_action} $@.\\n  You need to ${ezjail\_action} it by hand."

I.e. you either saw a "Could start jailname. You need to start it by
hand." or "Could stop jailname. You need to stop it by hand.", not the

But yes, setting it as ".norun" should not give the error, although it
behaves correctly: not running the jail ;)