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Re: [ezjail] small bug

On 2/12/10 10:53 PM, Jorge R. Constenla wrote:

> Line: 257 mkdir basejail
> Line: 274 [ -e "${ezjail_jailtemplate}/usr/ports" ] || ln -s
> /basejail/usr/ports "${ezjail_jailtemplate}/usr/ports"

This is because INSIDE each jail, the basejail always appears as
/basejail and is correctly mounted from fstab.JAILNAME to

echo ${ezjail_jailbase} ${ezjail_rootdir}/basejail nullfs ro 0 0 >>

The name of basejail inside ezjails is not configurable. Would there be
a reason to?

But there is some problems, I've encountered while scanning through the

1) if you change your basejail after the first jails were set up, you
need to manually fix all jail's fstabs
2) the same applies for fixing jail configs after you alter ezjail_jaildir
3) zfs basejails are always at the same location

Some of that might be addressed automatically, I have to think about it.