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RE: [ezjail] Multiple flavours and version 3.1

That would be helpful in my setup (and not annoying).


On Thu, 11 Feb 2010 17:51:02 +0000, Andrew Hotlab
<andrew.hotlab AT hotmail DOT com> wrote:
> ----------------------------------------
>> From: andrew.hotlab AT hotmail DOT com
>> To: ezjail AT erdgeist DOT org
>> Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 17:02:24 +0000
>> Subject: RE: [ezjail] Multiple flavours and version 3.1
>>> I'd also like to finally finish in and release version 3.1, so if you
>>> have
>>> any last remarks, want to test any new feature listed in
>>> http://erdgeist.org/arts/software/ezjail/#Changelog
>>> or can help out with regression test, that would be appreciated.
>> Just started to test the latest CVS revision...
>> ... hoping to come back with something more substantial! :)
> Maybe it's not another "substantial" hint, but...
> Since revision 1.222 ezjail-admin is able to correctly manage jails in
> different FIBs. This is a great thing: you are finally able to have
> multiple jails managed with ezjail running on the same host but connected
> to different subnets.
> For this, you have to remember to assign the jail to the correct FIB
> the 'ezjail-admin create' command, by issuing 'ezjail-admin config -f
>  ${fib_number} ${jailname}'. 
> How do you think about displaying the FIB number associated with each
> in a dedicated column in the output of the ezjail-admin list? (maybe
> the IP address field)
> This would eat up 5 characters, which might be subtracted from the
> "Hostname" field, and would help administrators to immediately detect if
> jail is associated to the correct FIB.
> Obviously, if you do not use multiple FIBs on your host you might be
> annoyed by this "useless" info displayed in the list, but I think it is
> worth it.
> If anyone think it would be an useful thing, I'll be glad to write the
> patch as soon as possible (I'm not a script master, but I should be able
> do this change).
> Andrew
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