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Re: [ezjail] portupgrade in a jail

Jason Grossman wrote:
>> ENV['PACKAGES'] ||= '/var/ports/packages'
>> I believe that's the only override I needed to make portupgrade happy.
> Thanks.  I didn't have that ... but now I do, and pkgdb and portupgrade
> still give me the same error message:

There are different variables for ports, packages and the index.
I use the following settings in pkgtools.conf:
  ENV['PORTSDIR'] ||= '/usr/ports'
  ENV['WRKDIRPREFIX'] ||= '/usr/local/ports'
  ENV['PACKAGES'] ||= ENV['WRKDIRPREFIX'] + '/packages'

With this config I have a global /usr/ports (linked to
/.../basejail/usr/ports) and a seperate /usr/local/ports in every jail.