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creating archives under ZFS

I've got a FreeBSD 8 system with ZFS backed jails. I'd like to reproduce a jail that I've made as several new jails, so I don't have to do make a bunch of things from ports (like portupgrade...)

I would really like to be able to use ZFS's snapshot and clone to reproduce an existing system - but it does not seem like this feature has been invented yet.

So, I figured that I would try archiving and then using ezjail-admin create to reproduce the template system. Alas this does not appear to be working, I'm getting this :

manjushri# ezjail-admin archive web1
mdconfig: option requires an argument -- f
usage: mdconfig -a -t type [-n] [-o [no]option] ... [-f file]
                [-s size] [-S sectorsize] [-u unit]
                [-x sectors/track] [-y heads/cyl]
       mdconfig -d -u unit [-o [no]force]
       mdconfig -l [-v] [-n] [-u unit]
                type = {malloc, preload, vnode, swap}
                option = {cluster, compress, reserve}
                size = %d (512 byte blocks), %db (B),
                       %dk (kB), %dm (MB), %dg (GB) or
                       %dt (TB)
Error: Could not attach memory disc.

Any suggestions?