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Re: [ezjail] patch: ezjail_default_flavour option

On 1/14/10 12:30 AM, Panagiotis Christias wrote:

> here is another small patch that adds a new ezjail_default_flavour
> option in ezjail.conf. It does what its name implies.

Oh nice, this is what I wanted to implement just now.

> ps. also included some minor fixes; leftovers of the default flavour to
> example renaming.

Yeah, I've just seen them, too when scrolling through the code.

I've got another idea, now after appropriately naming the example
flavour, wouldn't it be nice to assist in setting up a more helpful
flavour that may act as a default flavour by gathering some information
during ezjail-admin install and putting it into that new flavour?

/etc/localtime and /etc/resolv.conf would be good candidates to have
prepared for new jails. Anything else? Any suggestions for this
flavour's name? Maybe it should be put as a an example for default in

Regards and thank you,